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1 sewing consisting of a link or loop or knot made by drawing a threaded needle through a fabric
2 a sharp spasm of pain in the side resulting from running v : fasten by sewing; do needlework [syn: sew, run up, sew together]

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  • /stɪt​͡ʃ/, /stItS/,
  • Rhymes with: -ɪtʃ

Etymology 1

Old English stiċe


  1. A single pass of a needle in sewing; the loop or turn of the thread thus made.
  2. An arrangement of stitches in sewing, or method of stitching in some particular way or style.
    cross stitch
    herringbone stitch
  3. An intense stabbing pain under the lower edge of the ribcage, caused by internal organs pulling downwards on the diaphragm during exercise.
  4. A single turn of the thread round a needle in knitting; a link, or loop, of yarn
    drop a stitch
    take up a stitch
  5. An arrangement of stitches in knitting, or method of knitting in some particular way or style.
  6. A space of work taken up, or gone over, in a single pass of the needle.
  7. Hence, by extension, any space passed over; distance.
    You have gone a good stitch. — Bunyan.
    In Syria the husbandmen go lightly over with their plow, and take no deep stitch in making their furrows. — Holland.
  8. A local sharp pain; an acute pain, like the piercing of a needle.
    a stitch in the side
    He was taken with a cold and with stitches, which was, indeed, a pleurisy. — Bp. Burnet.
  9. A contortion, or twist.
    If you talk, Or pull your face into a stitch again, I shall be angry. — Marston.
  10. Any least part of a fabric or dress.
    to wet every stitch of clothes.
    She didn't have a stitch on
  11. A furrow. (Chapman)
single pass of the needle in sewing
arrangement of stitches or method of stitching in sewing
single turn of the thread in knitting
arrangement of stitches or method of stitching in knitting
space of work gone over in a single pass of the needle
any space passed over; distance
local sharp pain
obsolete: a contortion, or twist
colloquial: any least part of a fabric or dress
furrow See furrow

Etymology 2

Old English stiċian


  1. To form stitches in; especially, to sew in such a manner as to show on the surface a continuous line of stitches.
    to stitch a shirt bosom.
  2. To sew, or unite by stitches.
    to stitch printed sheets in making a book or a pamphlet.
  3. To form land into ridges.
  4. To practice/practise stitching or needlework.
form stitches in See sew
unite by stitches See sew together
agriculture: to form land into ridges See plough/plow
See sew

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Stitch may refer to: A method of securing thread into textiles in embroidery and sewing or creating fabrics in knitting and crochet. It may also be a method of medical care to close wounds known as sutures or stitches.
There are many types of stitches, including:
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Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

French knot, ache, acute pain, ankle, articulate, articulation, batten, batten down, bit, bite, bolt, boring pain, boundary, buckle, butt, button, cervix, chain stitch, charley horse, chip, chunk, clasp, cleat, clinch, clip, clipping, closure, collop, connecting link, connecting rod, connection, coupling, cramp, cramps, crick, cross-stitch, crumb, cut, cutting, darting pain, dollop, dovetail, elbow, embrace, end, fragment, fulgurant pain, girdle pain, gliding joint, gnawing, gob, gobbet, griping, hasp, hinge, hinged joint, hip, hitch, hook, hunk, interface, jam, join, joining, joint, jumping pain, juncture, kink, knee, knuckle, lancinating pain, latch, link, lock, lump, misery, miter, modicum, moiety, morceau, morsel, mortise, nail, neck, needle, needlepoint, nip, pang, paring, paroxysm, particle, patch, peg, picot, piece, pin, pinch, pivot, pivot joint, prick, rabbet, rasher, rivet, scarf, scoop, scrap, screw, seam, seizure, sew, sew up, shard, sharp pain, shaving, shiver, shoot, shooting, shooting pain, shoulder, shred, skewer, slice, sliver, smithereen, snack, snap, snatch, snick, snip, snippet, spasm, splinter, stab, stabbing pain, staple, stick, stockinette, stump, suture, symphysis, tack, tag, tailor, tatter, thrill, throes, tie rod, toggle, toggle joint, tormen, treble, tweak, twinge, twitch, union, wedge, weld, whipstitch, wrench, wrist, zipper
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